Running Late...

We totally understand running a bit late. You get caught in traffic, your boss calls a last minute meeting, your best friend is FaceTiming you from Disneyland... Just communicate and shoot Sarah a text. She can still take you up to 5 minutes late, if there's an appointment directly after yours. After that, we might need to reschedule for another time. No worries, she'll be able to fit you in soon. 

Can't Make It? 

Stuff happens, we know, if you can't make it, just please give 24 hours notice.

Good To Know...

At The Pretty Peach, Sarah is proud to offer Berodin wax for every service. A blue, hard wax that is only available to licensed professionals; it leads with the idea that waxing should be gentle on even the most sensitive skin, but effective on even the smallest hairs. 

For the most thorough wax possible, you’ll want to have at least a 1/4 inch of hair growth (the length of a grain of rice.) Anything shorter than that and you’ll risk having different stages of growth and irritated skin, which can lead to ingrown hairs. For those waxing for the first time, this will probably take about two weeks of grow out. Sarah knows it’s hard to wait, especially that last week in-between summer waxing, but it’s so worth it!

It’s important to know that at The Pretty Peach, Sarah believes in never double-dipping a wax stick and making sure each person has a fresh and sanitary experience.

Sarah's a pretty quick waxer, but you're definitely going to want to come a few minutes early if you need to run to the bathroom or freshen up. Your appointment starts promptly at the time requested; since we want to service you and be timely for whomever is following your appointment, thanks so much for understanding this! 

You don't want to get waxed if you've been sunburned, using Accutane or a Retinol A (or any other retinols), recovering from a peel or a laser treatment. Your skin will not love you. You can however wax when on your period, just use a fresh tampon. You might be a bit more sensitive.  

Coming to your body wax appointment showered and exfoliated is always beneficial. It also helps to have had plenty of water and be fully hydrated; this helps the hair come out of the follicles easily and with less sting. If you're prone to sensitivity feel free to have a dose of ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment.